Ministries Serving All Stages of Life

Life-Changing Christian Ministries

Southside Baptist Church in Andalusia, Alabama, has several active ministries that you can get involved in and support. Our ministries include the following:

• Preschool
• Children
• Student
• Adult
• Senior Adult
• Sunday School
• Southside Baptist Church University (SBCU)
• Camp SONShine
• Women's
• Men's
• Prayer
• Serve
• Community Ministries
• Save-A-Life
• Crossover Ministries


We want all of our members, no matter what their ages, to feel welcomed and cared for as well as to be engaged. Our ministries equip you and connect you with people. Discover biblical values and how to apply them to real life.

As we serve and come alongside those in need, we intend that our Biblically-based actions have value and meaning as well as change peoples' lives for the better. For example, Camp SONShine is a daycare that includes an afterschool program. During the afterschool program, we make sure kids get their homework done, engage them in fun activities, teach biblical lessons, screen movies, and allow them to enjoy some free time.

People Being Prayed Over