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February 11, 2024

March 10, 2024

What is the Joash Offering?

    It is a freewill offering-over and above regular tithes- to pay off $165,000 needed for Phase I Capital Improvement projects. We believe "equal sacrifice" by the church family will help us accomplish this goal by the time all projects have been completed. 

What are the Phase I projects being accomplished through this Joash Offering?

  1. Theatre Seating: We will be replacing the pews in the sanctuary with theatre seating which will increase our seating capacity by 180 more people. 

  2. Replacement of Sanctuary Carpet: For quick repairs and stains and ease of installation for the theatre seating, we will be replacing the existing carpet with modular tile carpet.

  3. LED Sign: We will be replacing the older marquee sign out in front of our property with a new 5 x 10 LED sign. We currently have 11,500-13,000 people who travel in front of our church daily. We want to have a stronger Gospel opportunity using this signage. 

  4. Master Planning Consultation: For Phase II and beyond, we know we will need a Master Plan. Thus, this will allow us to consult with architects and engineers as needed to continue addressing needs on our campus. 

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