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Dates: October 8-November 19

Time: 5:00-6:30pm

Lifegroup Leaders: 

Justin and Heather McDaniel

Justin's Cell- 334-343-1773

Heather's Cell: 334-208-1911

Location: Bill and June Dillman's House

621 Church Street

Andalusia, AL

(5 min drive from Southside)


Why Lifegroups?

  We realize that Sunday morning at 8:45am doesn't work for everyone. You want to sleep in...we get it! Or, maybe you serve on Sunday mornings and can't participate in a SS class. 

So the need for relationships and community still exists!....Thus, we believe a Lifegroup can help meet this need!

What is a Lifegroup?

It is a community of people who meet once a week for fellowship, encouragement, and support centered around Bible study and prayer.  A group of people who share life together and seek to follow Jesus together.

What is the target age group?

We don't have a set age range. We want any young adult individual or couple to feel the freedom to participate. If you feel young and you're an adult, join us!

What do I do with my teenager,  child,

or preschooler?

We provide ministry and care for youth, children, and preschool on Southside's campus beginning at 5pm. You will drop your youth, child, or preschooler off at Southside at 5:00pm then drive the 5 minutes to the home where we meet. You will pick your child back up at Southside by 6:30pm when we end. 

First Study:
"Don't Give the Enemy a Seat at Your Table" by Louie Giglio


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