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Week Two Resources
Faith in the Midst of Trial. James 1.1-11. Listening Guide
Eight Purposes of Trials
Week Three Resources
Faith and Temptation. James 1.13-18
Listening Guide
Week One Resources
Introduction and Overview
Teaching Schedule 
Testing of Faith Chart
Emphases in James
Nature References in James
Week Four Resources
Trials vs Temptation Chart
Faith and the Word of God.  James 1.19-26.
Listening Guide
Cycle of Sin Graphic
The Sin Cycle Graphic
Week Seven Resources
Faith and the Tongue. 
James 3.1-12
Listening Guide
Week Eight Resources
Faith and the True Wisdom
James 3.13-18
Listening Guide
Week Five Resources
Faith and Prejudice.  James 1.19-26.
Listening Guide
Week Six Resources
Faith and Works.  James 2.14-26
Listening Guide
Ten Questions for Self Examination
Week Nine Resources
Faith and Worldliness
James 4. 1-10
Listening Guide
Week Ten Resources
Faith and the Will of God
James 4. 13-17
Listening Guide
Week Eleven Resources
Faith and Money
James 5.1-6
Listening Guide
Week Twelve Resources
Faith and Patience
James 5.7-12
Listening Guide
World's Pattern vs God's Pattern
Week Thirteen Resources
Faith and Swearing Oaths
James 5.12
Listening Guide
Week Fourteen Resources
Faith and Prayer
James 5.13-18
Listening Guide
Week Fifteen Resources
Faith and a Straying Christian
James 5.19-20
Listening Guide
Closing Questions from James
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